mardi 22 décembre 2009

A0056 La Théorie des Deux Trous Noirs

Computing is living for more than 50 years on the very initial -and unsurpassed- paradigm of the Von Neumann machine. The latest key software discoveries date back late 60's. We think that this frozen situation is due to the presence of two "blackholes": the "calculus blackhole" (CBH) and the "litteratus blackhole" (LBH).
Any rising star in the universe is rapidly swallowed by one of them, and cannot settle itself as a viable third place.

CBH reduces every formalism to programming and low level formatting; historically this happened for relational databases, and more recently for XML and now the Semantic Web.
Everything is crunched, normalized, squared off enough to be ingested by the Von Neumann vortex.

In the opposite direction, LBH grasps concepts which escaped the CBH gravity, and secures them in pure human, social deliberation and discourses . This move applied for instance to so-called Knowledge Management, once an attempt to join people and computers, and currently to various parts of "WEB 2.0".

The universe is divided by this "Yalta" ruled by  the "compute" CBH and the "dispute" LBH. Brave attempts to resist -like Artificial Intelligence- are mercilessly blown up.

Litteratus Calculus (Calcul Littéraire) is another attempt to escape this tyranny.

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